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All in the same Yandex. Metrica look Requests that were visite during the selecte period. The number of transitions for each of them. Source search engine service. search queries Yandex Metrika screen It is equally important to track the dynamics of positions for the keywords for which the site is being promote. What is it positive or negative. To do this use the online service topvisor. Internal and external links Periodically at least once a month check the site for broken links. These are links to pages that no longer exist.

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A manager disable a promotion page that was linke to by some product cards a news item or a blog article. Broken links are not like by search engines as this signals a low quality of the site. It also reuces the trust of visitors and increases the bounce rate Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List when opening a nonexistent page the user often leaves the site and opens a new one. We find broken links using the Yandex. Webmaster service Broken links printscreen Yandex Webmaster In addition there are a number of programs for scanning the site. Of the free ones XENU is popular . External links to the site signal that its popularity on the Internet is growing since other web resources begin to link to it.

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These can be information portals address directories forums reviews. Track new links to your web resource who linke to it for what reason. You IT Cell Number can also use the Yandex. Webmaster service to define external links. backlinks external screen Yandex Webmaster The service indicates the resource on which the link was found the date of its discovery and the anchor. Page loading spee An important indicator both for search engines that prefer fastloading sites and for users. Especially those who use mobile devices with low Internet spees.

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