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The ad should lead to a landing page with information that the user is intereste in. If he entere rent a tow truck then he should go to the tow truck page with prices and the possibility of online ordering. Break impressions in context into strategies SEARCH. Some types of special equipment are urgently neee in certain circumstances for example a tow truck. For such a situation you nee to show ads immeiately at the moment when a person makes a decision.

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YAN Display Network and retargeting are inappropriate. YAN and KMS are best use in the case of heavy construction road special equipment when the contractor is selecte thoughtfully and for a long time comparing prices and terms of cooperation. To Ukraine Email List make your ad stand out from your competitors add The second title in the ad Good quality photo Quick links where it is better to place information about discounts and special conditions and the request itself it will be highlighte in bold Full contact information and working hours In the description repeat the request then it will be highlighte in bold when shown.

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Provide for the presence of a favicon on the site then the ad will also have it In the displaye link repeat the technique from the request Add clarifications make them the same as quick links promotions benefits Set up web analytics and form goals so that IT Cell Number you can record the campaign phrase and other parameters when ordering. Further this can be use to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign turn off impressions for certain age groups collect all conversion phrases and make a separate campaign with higher bids with them etc. Provide for A B testing when setting up ads select different images this will help you figure out which ad works best.

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