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Integration Telephone and now video communication has always been and remains one of the most important tools for doing business. The engineers who develope the new standards could not ignore this. Switching to PBX and IP telephony is a good solution in terms of optimizing workflows because. PBX can be combine with other systems that modern business uses. Which includes organizing internal telephony for an office or call centers. Among the possible options integration with CRM systems and C the ability to systematize and analyze incoming calls through the processing of conversation records and much much more.

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Flexible Cloud Servers Deploy IP telephony in a few steps at the facilities of Selectel. Choose How to deploy a virtual PBX base on Asterisk in the Selectel cloud platform To fully experience the ease of setting up a VATS in the cloud we nee a virtual Cape Verde Email List server. For Asterisk an open source solution for IP telephony GB of RAM vCPUs and GB of a basic network drive will be enough. how to deploy virtual PBX Collecte the config in the Selectel control panel. Preparing for installation First you nee to connect to the server via SSH . After connecting you nee to prepare the machine for building Asterisk from source.

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To do this you nee to run the following commands apt get update y apt get install unzip git gnupg curl libnewt dev libssl dev libncurses dev subversion libsqlite dev build essential libjansson dev libxml dev uuid dev subversion y Step Installing Asterisk Download the sources with the command wget http downloads asterisk org pub telephony asterisk IT Cell Number releases asterisk Unpack the archive tar zxf asterisk  Go to the directory with the unpacke sources and install the necessary dependencies cd asterisk contrib scripts get mp source sh contrib scripts install prereq install Enter the country code. In our case it is . After the installation is complete we will see the following message install complete successfully So we can move on. Set up Asterisk with the command . configure After the installation is complete we will select which options we nee for the PBX.

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