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About company The QVeO platform a participant in the Anniversary Presidential Forum SPIEF helps travelers fill their routes with interesting events and solve everyday issues. In the application you can book a hotel find the nearest place for breakfast or choose an excursion in a convenient format. QVeO control panel interface The key feature of the service is a recommendation system that takes into account a lot of factors. For example the interests of the user and the trust of customers in. The travel service provider.

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The project aims to attract young people to cultural sites and promote domestic tourism. Project objectives. Now the QVeO project is being prepare for release in the Russian segment. The service is developing rapidly therefore it is demanding both in computing power. And in the development tools themselves. The IT component of the service Azerbaijan Email List is handle by a small team so services for working with containers and clusters are provide according to the Manage Kubernetes model . This solution allows you to optimize the project budget. Selectel helps close complex tasks and is responsible for the SLA for the availability of clusters. Main goals Create a dev environment for developers and production Kubernetes clusters.

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Organize virtual desktops VDI for a distribute project team. Build a fault tolerant IT infrastructure. Establish fast delivery of content to end users. Use greener technologies at work. The service solves an important problem as part of the import substitution program. In the conditions of leaving the largest market players QVeO strives to provide not IT Cell Number just an alternative to foreign services but a reliable solution due to a strong technical part a large selection of tools and high spee. Choosing the right backup tool is a real quest. You nee to take into account a number of factors including the financial component and remember that this is a strategically important aspect for the company. There are dozens of options on the market from open source to commercial options.

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