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Search Engine Optimization screenshot of Yandex search results on request for special equipment In order for the site to be visible in the search engine for key phrases it nees to be promote. To optimize the site it must have weight and detaile information about the company and services. It is recommende to publish the following data on the site List of services with a detaile description. Catalog of equipment with a description of models and technical characteristics brands types of special equipment boom length and reach lifting height load capacity curb weight platform volume etc. models and brands sorte by value.

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Description of the team and production advantageous differences manufacturing technologies a list of specialists a story about their competence. Awards if any certificates nominations. List of projects in which the company took part list of exhibitions. Contacts how to contact specialists and get advice. Customer reviews. If you are not making a landing Uruguay Email List page but a multipage site or a catalog site you should create pages for each type of technology. On the page under the item enter the following information Who is the manufacturer. Scope of application. Specifications highlight the most important in bold. You can not write all the characteristics but indicate only the main ones. Dimensions of equipment you can even download a schematic drawing.

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Promotions discounts on equipment. The cost of rent or the order of prices for this model. Order conditions what you nee to order. Company hours of operation. Equipment delivery time. Does the staff accompany her Why you should order it from IT Cell Number you briefly list the benefits. Be sure to place the Order button and the Get a consultation button or similar on each page. You should also upload photos of equipment from different angles. Search engine optimization of the site can be ordere from specialists or done independently. This is an effective method of attracting customers but it takes time the result unlike contextual advertising you will not see immeiately. Use Yandex. Maps and Yandex. Directory A lot of people use these tools to order the rental of special equipment.

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