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Such devices are not use by ordinary people but only by government organizations or corporations for specific tasks. For example infrastructure providers put them as servers in data centers and banks use them to quickly process and encrypt transactions. For the convenience of working with mainframes terminals or terminal devices for entering data and displaying results were develope. Typically the terminal consiste of a keyboard and a monitor . terminal IBM model.

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Source The picture shows the IBM model. It looks like a personal computer but it did not have a system unit with a processor hard drive and motherboard. The terminal did not perform any calculations but simply transmitte information to the mainframe and displaye its responses. As you can see in the photo there is no mainframe next to the terminal Colombia Email List although it would be easy to notice due to its gigantic size. This is because the terminal was connecte remotely via a regular telephone line. Several operators could work with a computer at once up to several hundre. But in turn the processor time was divide between all users. Users did not notice delays because the computer processor was relatively fast and the time per user was not so long.

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What is a terminal server and how does it work A terminal server TS or Remote Desktop Services RDS is one or more servers to which operators connect remotely and use their resources such as memory or processor power. Conventionally this is one IT Cell Number powerful computer on which many users work simultaneously. You can connect both via a local network and via the Internet. Operators use terminals to work with mainframes. To work with a terminal server operators use thin or terminal clients. Typically a thin client is a special device a small system unit with a processor video card and no hard drive. Instead of a hard drive a circuit is usually use with an IDE connector flash memory and a chip that implements the hard drive logic.

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