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The client insiste and simple calculators were replace with professional ones. As a result the conversion decrease and this also affecte the optimization results. The calculators on the page being opene were downloade from the Alutech server and one day it went down. And since they were at the beginning of the page the download was interrupte or it was very slow. Project managers notice a drop in positions began to look for reasons and found a problem with the server.

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A solution was propose to make a banner with a proposal to make a calculation instead of downloading a calculator. And when you click on the banner the calculator was loade and opene. This made it possible to restore page loading spee and positions began to Catalan Email List grow. Widgets By agreement with the client a call widget from the site was installe on the site. With its help the visitor makes a free call and receives a managers consultation in seconds. The widget increase the conversion it is convenient for visitors to contact the company in this way. But the customer aske to remove the call button as there are a lot of consultations but no sales. Installing an online chat le to the same results.

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Appeals are coming but the client insists to remove this service as it is difficult for managers to work like this. Surprisingly at the same time the client complains that the company receives few hits from the site it nees more. To convey to him that it is not IT Cell Number advisable to remove working tools to increase conversion. QUIZ for roller shutters and gates Corresponding QUIZ forms were develope for the sections so that the visitor sets the necessary parameters of the product and managers prepare a calculation before calling the client.

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