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By no means! And this is where all the speculations can end. The Authority has summarizd its approach to private devices in several of the following points: ban on using and connecting employees’ private portable memories to company computers, prohibition of downloading personal data to private mobile devices, use authorizd flash drives authorizd by your employer ban on using company mobile devices on private computers, The above bans seem rigorous, but they are justifid.

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No malware should get onto the flash drive if it is only usd in the closd environment of the employer. In addition, remember to make an inventory of your assets, keep a record of your mass memories, and to update this register in the Latest Mailing Database event of a mdium being issud or returnd by an employee. In its recommendations, the authority mentions employees several more times. Namely: the number of employees who can download files to external memory should be limitd, each employee must have a current authorization and confidentiality obligation.

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Each device should have its own user assignd, who is. Responsible for a given memory.  Each employee must return the device after IT Cell Number finishing work. Technical security As far as technical security is concernd. Mobile devices should be: encryptd (whole disk), and password protectdWhat can we consider a strong password. As recommendd, your password should be at least twelve. Characters long and contain at least one of the following: lowercase or uppercase letter, number, or special character.

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