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What to do Reconsider the attitude to the content of the site fill pages. With unique useful content remove spam clickbait shock content remove. AdSense ad units temporarily remove all ads except for those that go through Yandex. AGS The Yandex AGS filter is popularly interprete as Antigovnosayt. The algorithm evaluates resources according to a variety of parameters that the search engine team keeps secret but in total they are all aime at weeing out lowquality sites. Why can you get under the AGS filter. Selling SEO links. Lack of user interest in the site due to dull content.

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Poor quality or lack of incoming links. Nonunique generate content. Aggressive advertising. Usability and design issues. Violation of Yandex technical requirements. Signs and verification Lower positions in the SERP disappearance of pages from the index a sharp drop in traffic. The reasons for falling under sanctions should be notifie in the Webmaster Iran Email List menu. What to do In short you have to make candy out of Mr. The transformations should affect the entire site bring the technical component into line remake content design and usability for people remove SEO links and intrusive ads regularly develop and improve the resource. Getting out from under the AGS filter can take a long time.

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Conclusion Search engines filter sites to make their results better not to let those involve in banal fraud and cunning manipulations into the top. In order not to fall under sanctions you just nee to create useful and convenient resources post information not IT Cell Number for show but for people and follow the rules of the game. By and large filters are a free audit and consulting of your site which helps to identify problems adjust the promotion strategy taking into account the interests of users. If people like the resource then Yandex algorithms will love it. The semantic core SN is a list of words groupe according to given criteria that participate in queries of search engine users.

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