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Create and publish a resume on the resource. Contacts of employers become available only after registration on the project. From the above list only the Rabota portal makes. It possible to get the employers contacts without registering in the system. Platforms for private communication a forum for thematic communication of accountants and posting articles on PROIP Entrepreneurs can be found in thematic groups chat rooms and forums where business problems are discusse. There are a lot of them on the web.

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Addresses of forums for communication between merchants klerk is a free project with traffic up to . million in month. proip is an independent platform for communication between representatives of small and meiumsize businesses. To get in touch with Spain Email List merchants you will have to register on the sites. A specialist with a complete profile will inspire more confidence among interlocutors.  Name Telephone Email Question I agree to the processing of personal data Another option to attract customers is chat rooms and groups of companies that conduct trainings for entrepreneurs. Platforms can be found in WhatsApp Telegram Facebook VKontakte. Search for communities by the names of wellknown companies involve in the information business.

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How to establish contact with the target audience on web platforms for private communication Intervene in the discussion of accounting topics. Anwser the  questions. Offer facetoface consultations. It is better to search for representatives of small and meiumsize IT Cell Number businesses on specialize sites for entrepreneurs. Websites for accountants are not very suitable for employment because mainly competitors communicate there. Map services are an effective way to attract clients to an accounting firm Information and navigation systems are use to publish contact information linke to the work address of the organization. Popular applications for posting company information Yandex. Maps the audience of the project reaches . million users per month. Google.

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