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Anyone who wants to insure their service from downtime. The proximity of data centers within availability zones ensures fast data transfer rates and does not increase latency. We recommend that customers reserve critical services at this level. Nuance some Selectel services are available in a limite number of availability zones Thus cloud servers of the HighFreq line base on high frequency processors can only be rente in availability zone in Moscow. It will not work to organize a full flege duplicate of the server in another zone. The service of a certifie data center is also limite in placement one access zone in Moscow and St Petersburg.

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The full service availability matrix can be found in the knowlege base → Pool level hygienic minimum At this level we conditionally operate on the territory of one data center and its content. A pool is a set of servers that are logically or technically interconnecte. A pool can be servers of the same line of the same characteristics or for example machines that are Antigua and Barbuda Email List locate on different floors of the data center. So the second and third floors of the Berzarina DC are considere different pools. On the one hand each server room is a separate data center with independent communications. On the other hand there is only one building which means there are more points of failure if a fire occurs in it due to human error the consequences will affect both pools. The point of failure can be any failure that will affect the operation of the entire building.

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What does it give. Placing critical services in different pools is still a better option than having infrastructure in one region one Availability Zone and one pool. Pool level allocation prevents problems such as network equipment failure or localize IT Cell Number power failures PDU failure. A pool is a fairly easily scalable piece of infrastructure unlike Regions and Availability Zones. So a new access zone will appear in Selectel when the Yurlovsky DC in Moscow is complete and a new region will appear if the company for example continues its foreign expansion. In the pool you can register new racks adde to an existing data center. There are a lot of them in Selectel.

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