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The require software is installe on a server with a processor that supports encryption acceleration AES NI CPU Crypto enable . The spee of work is confirme by benchmarks. In the event of a component failure Selectel specialists will promptly provide a replacement within three hours. A new instance to which it will be enough to import a previously save configuration. In addition the company is responsible for servicing the Ministry of Energy connecting deicate servers to the local network and the Internet setting up routes for accessing the Internet. The client configures the firewall for itself.

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You will nee to register static routes configure NAT assign a network interface to a port and more yourself. Detaile instructions for each action are in the knowlege base . Selectel experts can help with the basic setup but this service Manage Security is paid separately. The company also offers a permanent firewall administration service. At the moment Bulgaria Email List as part of the service we configure the ME as a basic router FW VPN. IPS antivirus and Gbps spees are in the next firewall release. Comparison with alternatives At the moment the main alternatives to the Selectel firewall are the ME of the foreign vendor Fortinet FG E the domestic solution from UserGate and self deployment of the ME.

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Fortinet — More expensive solution compare to Selectel firewall  versus . Additional functionality that previously highlighte the solution is no longer relevant due to the vendor leaving the market. You can continue to use the solution as a basic firewall. But it is still a foreign vendor which may carry additional risks for the company. For example in the event of a IT Cell Number breakdown or problems with FortiGate the supplier will not be able to help or replace the software technical support does not currently apply to Russia. UserGate — Much more expensive solution  versus . Sometimes functionality that is reundant for an average company and you have to pay for it. So UserGate has a FSTEC certificate which is not neee for ordinary IS tasks.

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