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Unrolle the cloud Back in Selectel took care of developing a cloud model that would include several regions that are very distant from each other. This was important for the further expansion of the companys business. Remote regions should work as reliably as in the companys own data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Selectel had experience building a cloud in Novosibirsk but this is the first time a new region has been launche outside of Russia.

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The technical side of creating a new region in the cloud if this is not the first time is not the most difficult. Cloud platform developers do not nee to travel to Tashkent for this everything is remote. Unlike the companys engineers who visite the data center where physical servers were locate under the cloud region. They neee to control their connection and Guyana Email List operation. Each region in Selectel is made in the image and likeness customization will most likely be a hack and difficult to maintain. It is important that the regions have equal rights in the number of cloud services and are equally manage through the control plane the  control panel. This is what it looks like in the control panel. A cloud server can be create in any of the Selectel regions. The software part of creating the cloud took about three weeks.

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It is often possible to launch a service in a new region faster than in an already establishe one. When there are no clients in the region yet services that work with data are easier to launch. In general starting something from scratch is easier than adapting IT Cell Number it to production. So for example scheule backups appeare in Tashkent earlier than in Moscow. Prepare the infrastructure It took more time to organize the physical component of the cloud. A dozen fat servers with multi core AMD processors were allocate for this project a frequency of . GHz Micron PRO SSDs DDR MHz memory.

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