To be eligible for Lazada CEM, you must meet the following criteria:

Lazada CEM – An Introduction to Engagement Management At Lazada

Personalize messages
Add an emoji or two in the message so that it elicits a positive emotion or response from the customer. Sending emoji gives a “friend” feeling. Hence, customers will be more inclined to interact with push messages.

Decorate your shop professionally
You can direct your customers to product pages from CEM push messages. Because of this, it’s important to make your pages attractive and appear believable so that buyers will be encouraged to convert.

Add product images to your message.
You can also add up to 4 products in your message for follower selection images. It can contribute to your guided sales by driving traffic to new or slow-moving products.

Click the envelope icon

If this is your first time using Lazada CEM, there will be a pop-up informing you that you can now connect with your customers.

Note that only chat admins can access Lazada CEM. You can check your chat settings to see who is assigned as chat admin.

After clicking on the icon, a new window will appear where you can select a scenario for your Lazada CEM.

Your quota relates to the number whatsapp mobile number list of messages you can send per day. But if you send unpaid reminders, the messages you sent will not be deducted from your quota.

Lazada CEM – An Introduction to Engagement Management At Lazada

You have a usage limit for each type of message per day.

Only use capital letters when necessary

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People often use capital letters because they represent a sense of urgency. But in this case, you only have a limited number of characters for your message (500 characters to be exact). So you should use as much lowercase letters as possible because uppercase letters tend to take up a lot of space. Regardless, full sentences that are in capitals are hard on the eyes. Therefore, it IT Cell Number can prevent subscribers from reading the entire message.

Highlight your unique selling point
You can grab your customers’ attention by adding keywords like Flash sales, free gifts, or warranty extension at the beginning of your message.