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It also analyzes click logs data on user click activity on the basis of which models of ranking algorithms are built. Click factors are of great importance they give an idea of ​​which sites in the search results are of interest to the user and which are out of work. This information helps improve the quality and relevance of your search. Browsers Each major search engine has its own proprietary browser. Google Chrome Yandex. Browser and other services with builtin search plugins from the same giants directly transfer statistics of behavioral factors to their creators to improve ranking algorithms.

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Data is collecte not only within the framework of its search engine browsers do not restrict users in searching through direct competitors. Browser plugins and extensions Plugins and toolbars toolbars simplify Internet surfing at the same time providing statistics on the user activity of their founding fathers. For example installing Yandex. Elements Netherlands Email List formerly Yandex. Bar on an independent browser automatically turns it into a brande one with all the consequences. Browser plugins screenshot Mobile applications Mobile applications access user data and collect statistics requests geolocation periods of activity.

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The number of applications from search engines is constantly growing. Take a look at mobile yandex most likely more than one application from the list is installe on your smartphone. Web statistics collection systems Anyone who is intereste IT Cell Number in promoting their site uses the statistical tools of the two main search engines Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics. The site can be connecte to the services for free but you still have to pay the entire amount of information relate not only to behavioral factors is sent to Yandex and Google. Good old SEO optimization which increases organic clicks to a resource is value higher than advertising and social traffic when ranking.

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