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As the consumption of computing resources or storage grows they can be quickly adde. This can be done in two ways changing the configuration of cluster. Virtual machines vertical scaling adding new cluster nodes to increase the read performance of the database horizontal scaling . Although cloud technologies make life much easier they are not omnipotent. So the operation of reucing storage is not available changing the amount of disk space to a smaller side can spoil data. Learn more about how to scale a cluster Cluster failover and backup Cloud databases have an option to failover to a standby node.

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If the master node fails it will be replace by a replica which will change the role to the master the application will continue to work without failures. The former master will be recreate and returne to the cluster as a replica. For a cluster to be fault tolerant you nee to create it with several nodes replicas . Another argument in favor of the smooth B2B Email List operation of DBaaS is automatic backup. A full backup of the cluster is done once a week. Once a day an incremental backup is create that contains all the changes since the last copy. Also every minutes or when a certain amount of changes are accumulate WAL files are create binlog files for MySQL.

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Backups are kept for seven days which means that the cluster can be restore to any point in time during this period. What are DBMS. There are a lot of database management systems that the market offers. In addition to the most famous MySQL PostgreSQL Reis which are available in Selectel cloud databases there are MS SQL Oracle Greenplum Click IT Cell Number House Vertica Tarantool and others. Companies use one or another DBMS depending on the tasks and competencies of specialists. For example ClickHouse and Greenplum are most often found in data processing systems. It is these databases that are part of the Selectel data processing platform . But the same PostgreSQL can be use for a variety of tasks.

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