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Please note that the number of impressions does not drop to zero people are still intereste in buying a fur coat and you can prepare for this fall by making advertising campaigns with special offers promotions and discounts and launching them in the offseason. Be sure to check the region for example fur coats for Sochi may have a different seasonality scheule. Wordstat Yandex selecte impression history for the phrase buy a fur coat in the city of Sochi Why is it important Recently I was contacte by a friend who himself made a onepage site set up contextual advertising and did not get a result. I looke at the landing page it was made for the sale of an electronic collar for cats.

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After looking at the number of impressions by wordstat it immeiately became clear what the problem was. Wordstat Yandex selecte impression history for the phrase electronic collar for a cat There are only impressions for this phrase. Naturally with such demand a maximum of visitors per month will come to it. If there is an application it will be a miracle. Advertising Pakistan Email List budget The presence on the Internet of a page about the company and its services does not guarantee that visitors will come to it. Advertising is require to attract them. Internet marketing allows you to work with any budget. In the absence of money use avito youla aggregators Yandex. Maps and Yandex. Services directories which also still work and do not nee a website to use them. When using promotional tools you will nee a budget.

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Therefore if you are thinking of developing a web resource for business development put money into attracting traffic visitors. If the budget is less than one hundre thousand rubles then it is advisable to leave it completely to attract and do the IT Cell Number development of the site yourself . If the budget is more than one hundre thousand then we distribute the advertising budget according to the principle of . Twenty percent we use for the development of the website and the preparation of an advertising campaign. And the rest is investe in promotion. When contacting a contractor it is reasonable at the start to announce the amount of money that you plan to invest in Internet marketing which will avoid misunderstandings. For example a company contacts a studio to promote its services.

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