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We protect servers by scanning network nodes setting up firewalls monitoring vulnerabilities. But the target is still your server. This means that if you have chosen the wrong protection or underestimate the resources of attackers malicious traffic will break through the defense. The site will start to freeze your customers will not be able to access the service. The second approach is traffic distribution CDN is able to cope with DDoS attacks at least due to its architecture. Since the technology is an entire network of servers it can take advantage of the performance and scalability of Points of Presence or PoPs Points of Presence.

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Another benefit of a CDN is that you can hide your site’s original IP address behind it . If you haven’t compromise it anywhere yet the attackers simply won’t know where to send the gift in the form of a bunch of requests. By the way even if the IP address has become known this can be fixe. A number of providers including Selectel may provide a new Job Function Email Database IP address. How well these basic CDN features work for security depends on the level of the provider. Large CDN providers such as Akamai can really cope even with a massive DDoS attack. On the other hand CDN providers that are attracte solely by their cheapness may themselves break down under attack or temporarily disconnect you from the CDN so as not to put other clients at risk.

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Often users are afraid not so much of DDoS attacks as of money attacks when attackers download company website data from CDN servers many times artificially inflating the check for the service. In this case providers including Selectel have a function to download data by token . When a CDN Nees More Protection We found out that a good CDN IT Cell Number can quite protect a site from DDoS attacks. But here there is a nuance that it works more for GET requests and static content. If you have an online eucational platform or online publication where users only interact with static this is your story. CDN will allow you to save on additional protection against DDoS it will cope with clumsy TCP and UDP attacks. But the situation may be different.

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