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Advertising should not contain references to specific cases of curing patients or improving their health. It is impossible to assert the complete harmlessness of the proceures provide by private meical clinics. Hence the search engines through which private clinics attract clients regulate. Advertising campaigns on services Yandex yandexsupport Google support. googleadspolicy. Why Offline Acquisition Performance Is Lower. Than Online All life around us is immerse in the Internet.

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Online reviews work like word of mouth. If the reputation of the meical center is in doubt then the fame of it will immeiately spread through the reviews and social networks. In the search engine future patients often type in either the name of the disease with characteristic symptoms or make specific requests for the right doctor or service. Benefits of online Kiribati Email List meical center advertising focus on the target audience for example only women in the antenatal clinic online advertising can be targete to specific user requests. Site development screenshot of the website of the meical center develope in the DIUS studio The site of the meical center Family develope in the studio DIUS. More . Order No. of the Ministry of Health requires that commercial meical organizations have official websites.

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This is separately state in the st Appendix to the th Order. Failure to comply with the order will result in a fine. According to the act on the official website of the organization should be description full name date of state registration structure of the center IT Cell Number with subdivisions administrative staff mode of operation contact information of regulatory authorities specialists of the meical center for each indicate full name certificate of eucation information from the certificate hours of admission rights and obligations of patients list of services with tariffs reviews open vacancies Site search version for the visually impaire.

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