Shinjuku and Robot Restaurant Shinjuku ward

It’s time to get to know the Shinjuku district and the City Hall building , the administrative center of the Tokyo government.

Shinjuku is Also Famous for Its Nightlife , as Well as Being. One of the Best Shopping Districts in All of Tokyo. Fun Fact: Shinjuku Station is the Busiest Railway. Station in the World, Handling More Than Two Million. Passengers Every Day.

And to End the Day, We Propose an Eccentric Experience. Dine at the Robot Restaurant (Shinjuku) Where Giant Robots. Controlled by Bikini Girls. Will Not Only Serve You Dinner, but Will Also Fight in the Ring. Located in the Center of the Place.

The Shinjuku district at night is a veritable whirlwind of neon

Day 3: Traditional and Tranquil Tokyo
For your third and last day in Tokyo, we invite you Database to relax a bit from the bustle of the city and discover a quieter side .

Yanaka and Ueno
Enjoy the calm atmosphere of the Yanaka district , where the slow pace and tradition continue to mark the way of life. Be sure to take a walk along Yanaka Ginza Street , as it is the perfect place to pick up Japanese souvenirs . Among others the famous and characteristic cat, the trademark of this part of Tokyo.

Gyokurin-Ji is one of Yanaka District ‘s hidden treasures . Visit this temple home to the ancient tree, chinquapin .

Then take the subway on the Yamanote Line to Ueno Station and check out the park and museums nearby. This magnificent area includes Ueno Park and Zoo, Tokyo University of the Arts, National Museum of Nature and Science, National Museum of Western.

Art Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art Tokyo Bunka Concert Hall Kaikan and much more


Imperial Palace and Roppongi district
A few steps from Tokyo Station is the current Imperial Palace IT Cell Number located on the former site of Edo Castle. It is the residence of the Imperial Family of Japan, which is located in a large park bordered by moats and solid stone walls.

After such a relaxed day, it would be a great idea to end the day in Roppongi , located in the Minato Ward district. However, Roppongi is the most popular nightlife area among foreigners, offering a large number of bars, restaurants.

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