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Authenticate or go to the server you nee to further administer it. You can connect to the server using an SSH key using the command ~ ssh i путь до приватного ключа username server IP In order not to specify the path each time just copy the private key to the home username ssh folder . If you are connecting to the server for the first time the following message will appear The computer does not recognize the remote server. This is normal for the first connection.

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You must enter yes in the response message and continue by pressing the Enter button . If you did not specify a password to encrypt the keys before you will connect and log in to the server automatically. Disabling password authentication on the server Without disabling login and password using SSH keys loses most of the benefits. Therefore we Algeria Email List recommend disabling password authentication. Be sure to check that the SSH key has been successfully installe before proceeing with the disconnect. To do this you just nee to log in as your user using the key. If the key is not set and you disable password authentication you will lose access to the server. You can only restore it as root or another administrator with sudo privileges. So disable password authentication. Connect to a remote server using an SSH key.

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Open the SSH configuration file by running the following command in the terminal sudo nano etc ssh sshd config The file will contain the Password Authentication parameter marke in many cases as a comment. The single line comment character that IT Cell Number precees the parameter name must be remove. After disable the parameter action by setting its value to no . Save the file and restart the SSH service to apply the changes. On Ubuntu or Debian you nee to run this command sudo service ssh restart On CentOS Feora the name of the SSH service is sshd. The command to restart the service will be execute in the following form sudo service sshd restart After completing these steps you will reconfigure the SSH service so that only keys are use for authentication.

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