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It can be use to differentiate network access rights protect against company network scanning and conduct network attacks. Simply put a firewall is one of the devices with which a companys network security is ensure. Firewall Features The firewall can Stop traffic spoofing . Lets imagine that your company communicates with one of its divisions while your IP addresses are known. An attacker may try to disguise his traffic as office data but send it from a different IP. The firewall will detect the spoof and prevent it from getting inside your network.

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Protect your corporate network from DDoS attacks . That is situations where attackers try to disable company resources by sending them many requests from infecte devices. If the system is able to recognize such attacks it generates a certain pattern and passes it to the firewall for further filtering of malicious traffic. Block data transfer to an unknown Finland Email List IP address . Lets say an employee of a company downloade a malicious file and infecte his computer which le to the leakage of corporate information. If a virus tries to transmit information to an unknown IP address the firewall will automatically stop it. DoE rules Network traffic passing through the firewall is matche against rules to determine whether or not to let it through.

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A firewall rule consists of a condition IP address port and an action to be applie to packets matching the given condition. Actions include commands to allow accept reject reject and discard drop . These conditions tell the DOE what exactly nees to IT Cell Number be done with the traffic allow — pass traffic reject — do not allow traffic and give the user an error message not available discard block the transmission and do not issue a response message. For a better understanding lets look at an example. Lets say we have three rules Allow access to all IP addresses that belong to the marketing department on the th port.

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