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By recruiting for high positions from existing employees the web studio not only fills its own nees in good staff but also improves the microclimate in collective relations. Todays popular delivery services are Pizzas Sushi and rolls WOK Ossetian pies Shashlik Burger. The Internet is an effective way to promote companies providing such services. Consider what marketing tools to connect and how to organize them for the development of the company and sales. Scheme of work When promoting it is a mistake to focus on attracting traffic.

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The main task of promotion is to collect a customer contact database. Tools for driving traffic to landing pages website groups in social networks mobile application CRM are designe not only to sell delivery services but also to add a new customer to the Saint Lucia Email List database. Thus the task is realize that each new client firstly becomes permanent and secondly he will become an advertising agent. The customer base is forme in two formats CRM. At least the following data is recorde phone name email address. Groups in social networks. Mobile application that integrates with CRM. Subsequently measures are applie to stimulate the participants of the base in order to sell services.

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The scheme of work looks like this marketing organization scheme for the promotion of delivery services Consider the implementation of this scheme in IT Cell Number steps Website creation CRM integration with the site and application Registration and registration of groups in social networks Web analytics counters search engine optimization Contextual advertising Navigation services Yandex Maps Social networks retargeting and maintenance Processing the subscriber base mailing list SMS mailing Push notifications Conclusions . Site creation Make an online store right now.

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