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Replenishing the balance of the advertising campaign visitors will begin to visit the pages. For analysis it is enough to get the first visitors for a group of queries. Base on their behavior and requests it is easy to understand how relevant the selecte phrases are and whether it is worth doing SEO work on them. Behavioral factor from contextual advertising Behavioral factor in Yandex. Metrica screenshot To date one of the key factors in ranking sites by search engines for phrases is behavioral more about the principles of ranking here.

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In other words search algorithms pay attention to the behavior of visitors to your web resource. If he went to the page and then returne to the results of the issue then most likely the information on it does not answer his request. What will affect the fact French Guiana Email List that your web resource will go down leaving the TOP. In Yandex. Metrica this can be identifie by looking at statistics on landing pages for the Search Traffic segment. Pay attention to the Bounce Rate. If it is above then this means that users do not find the necessary information on the page and it should be correcte. Hence the question arises.

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If the behavioral factor has a strong influence on the ranking of the site then how will the search engine consider it for a site that has just been launche and visitors have not yet visite it To do this Yandex introduce an algorithm that optimizers calle the OneArme Bandit . The search engine periodically changes the issue mixing new sites into it in IT Cell Number order to collect data on user behavior on them. Site in search results and context screenshot Thus after a web resource gets into the search engine index due to the relevance of the pages it gradually gets to positions close to the TOP and the algorithm mixes its documents for a certain selection of users on the first page.

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