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There were several reasons The price of foreign solutions has risen several times. → We wante to provide a high quality software and hardware solution that is accessible to both large and small companies. Sometimes the functionality is reundant for companies for which you nee to overpay. → Leverage the experience of working with Selectel clients. Base on the average nees of companies we determine the functions that should be investe in the solution. Exit of foreign vendors from the market problems with the replacement of equipment in case of failure cancellation of subscriptions and updates of threat signatures.

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There was a goal to create a firewall that is flexible in operation you can customize it for yourself and independent of vendor licensing. What the Selectel Firewall Can Do Perform basic firewall functions to filter traffic . ME segments networks using virtual IPs filters traffic by URLs creates groups by IPs ports URLs. It also supports the ability to run rules Brunei Email List for a specific period of time or scheule rules to run. Using the Selectel firewall you can configure static and dynamic routing including policy base routing. It will also block non route addresses. Among other things the solution supports NAT a mechanism in TCP IP networks that allows you to convert the IP addresses of transit packets.

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The user can customize interfaces and services such as DHCP server relay NTP SNMP GRE GIF DNS forwarder and DNS resolver. Another important feature is bandwidth limitation. The firewall supports VPN tunnel creation using IPsec and OpenVPN. Finally the firewall supports system diagnostics and restores configuration from backups . In the IT Cell Number Selectel firewall you can view the Address Resolution Protocol ARP tables active network sockets processor resource utilization the amount of traffic and statistics on the interfaces. The solution will also allow you to dump network traffic check the TCP port connection etc. What does the client get A product that combines the experience of Selectel specialists the stability of the companys deicate servers and the flexibility of the open source solution that underlies it.

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