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Corrections can be made later Google scares that the propose corrections will be reviewe for three days but in fact everything is reviewe and accepte within a couple of minutes In Google it is enough to go to one tab Information to enter the necessary data. Everything is processe and accepte here quite quickly too. The main differences from Yandex You can add as many categories as you want but they are all so highly specialize that sometimes you have to make every effort to find the right ones. There are no problems with the name of the company.

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Write what you want. Sometimes its just a set of key phrases Metal tiles soft roofing tiles corrugate board roof windows attic stairs siding. You can specify the opening date of the company. It is propose to enter data attributes that are rather unusual for us such Switzerland Email List as the head is a woman there is an entrance for wheelchair users parking with access for wheelchair users etc. There are no problems with reviews they are adde according to the same principle as on Yandex Maps but Google will accept your feeback with a greater degree of probability.

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You can add a description of the company up to characters with spaces. If an organization has several branches in the same city they can all be adde to one card. In Yandex you will have to create a separate profile for each branch and following certain IT Cell Number rules so that Yandex unites them all into a single network There are no badges here that increase your ranking. If you want to be in the first positions buy ads. But reviews and the rating they form play a role. Such companies are more visible on the list. Conclusion there is more trouble with Yandex because it has more restrictions. But for sites moving on the territory of the Russian Feeration it is of paramount importance.

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