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Without it anyone can eit your data. The only thing to consider is that if. You dont log into your account at least once a month and make some changes the sign will disappear. Example of a sign Information confirme by the owner. All propose changes in the card Yandex will check up to days. Therefore if you urgently nee to change something it will not work quickly. Even if all eits are approve by the moderator on the same day they will appear on the. Maps not earlier than in three days.

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Another pitfall is a twolevel check. First it is done by a robot then by a human. Therefore if for example a change in the name of the company was accepte do not flatter yourself. After a few days it may be rejecte Another sign yellow star offere by Yandex Maps Sweden Email List is Good Place. It is given if the companys rating is above and reviews regularly appear in its card How to add a review on Yandex Maps. Reviews are an ambush because of the same two levels of verification. This means that today your response can be moderate and displaye in the organization card on  and tomorrow it will be rejecte.

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Here the most surprising thing is that real reviews that meet all the requirements and rules of Yandex are often delete while custom ones remain. Or they remain like this Good company. At the same time the rules require providing complete information IT Cell Number about the service. But such reviews are more likely to fail even the first level of verification Always look at how the profiles of competitors in the TOP are fille out which are displaye on for your main queries. Why bother if everything has already been thought of before you How to add a company to Google Maps Register Google My Business Google My Business registration . When registering you nee to fill in all the fields.

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