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On these powerful machines it was possible to settle many clients and they would not even feel the neighbors . The choice of server configuration helpe to save space in the data center. Chose a data center Another task is to find a suitable data center in Uzbekistan that would meet Selectels requirements for equipment cooling reundancy systems and employee qualifications. There are not very many data centers in Uzbekistan there are data centers of local providers there is a modular data center from Huawei which was put into operation in.

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Several more promising facilities are currently under construction. The data center chosen by Selectel UZINFOCOM is a good option in terms of quality and price. In addition Selectel engineers have made the region in the cloud fault tolerant. We did the reservation Haiti Email List of optical channels ourselves we chose a second Internet provider who laid additional channels at our request. This was necessary to improve the stability of the optical network. The servers on which the region was create are in different racks of the data center so there is a basic reservation at the infrastructure level explains Alexander Khudyakov.

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UZINFOCOM has power backup systems with diesel generator sets. Thanks to this when not so long ago there was a massive power outage in Tashkent Selectel cloud customers did not notice this everything worke. In addition this data center has qualifie engineers which was one of the important requirements for the contractor. They have extensive experience IT Cell Number with servers and are very familiar with modern software and concepts in development. Most cooperate with foreign providers so they speak English well. Clients Selectel plans to scale the region. Now among the clients of uz are local and Russian companies that are developing in Uzbekistan. The vast majority of customers are meium and small businesses but there are also a few large players such as a chain of retail stores.

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