Create Inventory and Enter Your Products

Separate your products by categories and sections, add photographs and. Create Inventory useful and necessary information about each of the products. Make sure the photographs are real, preferably yours and not taken from an Internet gallery. The shopping cart is one of the main features of a virtual store so make sure yours assists your […]

22 Best programs to create and edit FREE and paid videos

22 Best programs to create and edit FREE and paid videos. Video has become a key element in our marketing strategy, and thanks to the different free video editing programs or professional video editors this task has become easier. Of course, not just any video will do, and don’t be in a hurry to start […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Qr Code

Everything You This goes beyond a simple projection, the most successful commercial strategies are those that. Therefore, focusing on their target audience and involving all departments of the company, help the business to enhance the sales force of its products or services. Taking this definition into account, we could say that your own eCommerce can […]