Txt Files and How to Use Them Correctly in Your Website’s SEO

Robots.txt are files used to facilitate the navigation of a search algorithm on a website. Guiding which pages should be indexed in search engines and controlling which. Pages the search engine robot should not access. Making sure your site appears in user searches is essential.  Txt Files to the success of any Digital Marketing strategy […]

​The 35 types of communication and their characteristics + Infographic

​The 35 types of communication and their characteristics + Infographic. We spend the day talking to other people, telling each other stories or little moments, but have you really ever asked yourself what communication is or what types of communication exist. The passage of time and evolution have meant that the way we relate to […]

The Most Popular and Sought-after Brands

The Most Popular If you have a website just to post information about your company, you should know that you are wasting a powerful digital marketing tool. A website can attract a large number of potential customers to your business, convert visitors into leads, in the case of e-commerce, generate direct sales, and even enhance […]