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Systems and other significant components of data processing processes, determination of non-compliance (criterion: compliance with the GDPR and industry regulations on the protection of personal data), recommendations on achieving compliance with regulations, starting point for some elements of the implementation. identification of threats that will be usd in the risk assessment, determination of business owners […]

How These Can Be Tackled In Day To Day Business

Identification number, if it has been assignd to the administrator or processor (Article 13(3) of the Personal Data Protection Act). With regard to the DPO, however, it is necessary to provide: name and surname of the IOD, e-mail address or phone number of the DPO (Article 13(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act). Joint notification […]

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PAe also mentione “ employee volunteering, supply chain management and product labeling (informing the customer about the environmental aspects of the product). All of the above CSR activities are just some of the examples that can be found among various enterprises. The richness of this topic shows how important the implementation of socially responsible activities […]

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The world of Innocent Brands is simple, in a positive sense. This is a place where life can be uncomplicate. Where fun is possible. This archetype is use, for example, by Coca-Cola. In accordance with the adopte convention of this archetype, the tone of the brand is simple, but joyful and radiates optimism. “Innocent” brands […]

How Do Chinese Phone Numbers Work

Chinese phone numbers follow a unique structure and format that may be confusing for people who are not familiar with it. In this article, we will discuss how Chinese phone numbers work and what each digit represents. Structure of Chinese Phone Numbers Chinese phone numbers consist of 11 digits, with the first three digits representing […]

Denmark Phone Number Format

Denmark Phone Number Format Denmark is a country located in Northern Europe and is home to approximately 5.8 million people. The country has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and a unique phone number format that is different from many other countries around the world. If you are planning to travel to Denmark or conduct business with […]