Google’s Candidate Cards With the Iowa Caucus

With the iowa caucus in the books, the 2016 presidential election is officially underway. The candidates for this year’s elections have been taking advantage of new online advertising technology leading up to the first primary election. From political programmatic advertising to social media marketing, online campaigning tactics offer these candidates the chance to reach voters […]

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook

Unfortunately, it’s not a divine sign from above telling you to buy those shoes, but rather, it’s an online marketing tactic called remarketing, also known as retargeting. It works by installing a tracking code on your website that will cookie visitors. Therefore, These visitors will then be served ads on other platforms like facebook. The […]

Affordable Advertising on Facebook

One of these options that offers affordable options is advertising with social media, specifically facebook. More than just a platform to stay connected with friends, facebook as evolved into a platform that offers specific targeting capabilities for you to reach out to new customers. In my blog today, I want to talk about a few […]

The Future of Big Event Ad Spending

The ad spending for future super bowls and other big events are changing. The advertising attraction for these big events used to be their ability to reach a massive audience. While these events still reach a massive audience, the evolution of digital advertising not only offers similar reach, but marketers have realized that blanketing content […]

Creating a Bigger Picture with Digital Advertising

Even though instagram extended its ad length, there’s a reason they didn’t let their ads run for two or three minutes. The point is that when it comes to advertisement, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Once you have their attention, then you can expand on your business and provide more […]

Our First 2016 Educational Event

Last year we spoke with over 130 people representing small. To midsize businesses all across south dakota and into minnesota during our. Cities on the map tour, and this year we’re looking to continue that. Conversation during our first educational event in 2016. Our seminar on google adwords and analytics will be held tomorrow in […]