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Instead of purchasing a physical computer a company can purchase a Virtual Desktop VDI license. It can be deploye or disable in a few minutes and immeiately place anywhere. Minuses The solution is less suitable for companies that seek to control the IT infrastructure on their own. In the long run it may not be economically viable for large companies. Low level of isolation and customization. The public cloud does not have the security of a private cloud. Control only to the level of the guest operating system.

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Who is the public cloud for. The competitive advantage of a public cloud is its ease of scaling. Companies can increase computing power depending on the demand for their services. The provider must provide a tool service for managing backups. In Selectel clients also receive DDoS protection by default. The revenue of online stores largely depends on Belarus Email List proper preparation for advertising campaigns and calendar holidays. In this sense the public cloud is the best solution as it allows you to optimize resources when the load stabilizes. The public cloud is suitable for information systems for which the law does not impose any special data processing requirements . For example eucational systems or real estate selection services can save on infrastructure.

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It is important to understand that a public cloud can also be certifie according to FZ or according to order of the FSTEC . That is it can be use by companies working for example with payment card security standards PCI DSS . The public cloud is suitable IT Cell Number for startups both as a development environment and as an environment for testing various hypotheses. This will also prove to be a profitable solution because they will be able to save on the team and the purchase of iron. Features of a hybrid cloud A hybrid cloud allows you to combine for example private cloud storage on premises and the service part from the providers public cloud into one system. In this way you can enjoy the benefits of each type of cloud.

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