​The 35 types of communication and their characteristics + Infographic

​The 35 types of communication and their characteristics + Infographic. We spend the day talking to other people, telling each other stories or little moments, but have you really ever asked yourself what communication is or what types of communication exist. The passage of time and evolution have meant that the way we relate to each other and even to companies has changed. In fact, depending on the type of job, many companies analyze how candidates communicate both verbally and their own body language.

What is communication

We spend the day communicating with other people, but have you ever really stopped to think, what is communication ? In simple terms we could say that the definition of communication is a process that consists of transmitting information from a person through a channel. And from there we can also deduce that there are different communication channels and different types of communication. What are the types of email leads communication. There are different types of communication and depending on the communicative process, one series of elements or another will be involved.

What is non-verbal communication

 What is non-verbal communication. Non-verbal (or non-linguistic) communication is basically a type of body language with which we transmit a message to other people through the movements or gestures we make with our body. Of course, as with languages, non-verbal IT Cell Number communication does not have the same meaning everywhere. There are a series of gestures that we could say are “international” but the meaning of others depends in many cases on the culture of the country.

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