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Location markers throughout the area . This is an effective way to show the driver the exact direction of travel to the car service. In format practical wayfinding and service advertising. Layout of leaflets under janitors . It is advisable to lay them out in the nearest area and not throughout the city. The main rule of this type of advertising is to be useful and interesting enough to make a person want to keep the leaflet. Therefore you can use useful information for. The driver On the reverse side place a field for the drivers phone number and an announcement like. If my car prevents you from leaving parking call me.

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There are a lot of such situations in parking lots and the leaflet will help to solve them. Option number a list of fines and their size. Option number a list of violations for which you can lose your rights. Many drivers find it useful to have such a reminder on Yemen Email List hand. Innovations in the rules of the road news or relevant information for drivers. Useful contacts phone number of the Ministry of Emergency Situations tow truck traffic police etc. Here you can apply the affiliate marketing format and offer the driver a relate service.

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For example the same number of a tow truck or an auto parts store nearby. car service flyer if my car interferes Note The leaflet should not only inform IT Cell Number about your workshop but also invite customers. Therefore offering a free service or a discount is always a winwin option. Advertising in entrances and elevators . As with flyers you nee to work in the area where the workshop is locate and invite customers with great offers or free bonuses. For example One express car wash as a gift Until the end of the month an oil change as a gift and other buns. Advertising in thematic places.

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