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Other popular bulletin boards You can also publish ads on these resources from time to time. Stages of promotion on the boards Registration or login through social networks. Filling in the profile advertising information links to pages in social networks photo. Connecting the optimal tariff. Purchase of company status if necessary. Preparation of announcements and photographs. Publication of advertisements. Collection of statistics.  Name Telephone Email Question I agree to the processing of personal data Attention.

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For paid accounts on Avito ad statistics are available. It allows you to control demand and change promotion tactics base on the popularity of topics among users. The statistics section collects information about the number of views of the publication the Sierra Leone Email List number of accesses to contact information and the time the advertisement was place on the site. We offer comprehensive promotion of a construction site FIND OUT THE COST Creating a landing page and setting up contextual advertising Landing page a web page that contains basic information about the services promotions of the contractor and contacts for communication with the foreman.

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The main task of a landing page is to turn a visitor into a client to encourage them to take a useful action placing an order seeking advice sending contact IT Cell Number details for communication with the master etc. The benefits of an online page are ease of creation management and navigation. The minisite loads quickly does not contain heavy elements complex graphics. From the landing page you can collect statistics on the reaction of visitors to content conversion data. Active promotion of the landing page makes it possible to form a client base and collect contacts of potential buyers for a construction company.

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