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RDP terminal server rental Choose a cloud server base on RDP technology and organize remote jobs for the team.Select configuration Installing and configuring a terminal server Lets take a quick look at a typical process of configuring and installing a terminal server step by step Before installation a RAID array Windows Server OS must already be create on the server and the disk system is divide into two sections for the OS and applications and user data. On the future terminal server open the server manager through Control Panel Administrative Tools Server Manager . Go to the Local Server tab . In the Add Roles and Features Wizard window in the installation type select Install roles or features select the server Next mark Remote Desktop Services.

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We mark two services in role services Remote Desktop Session Host Next Install . In the Select Role Services window select Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Licensing . After installation restart the server. The next step is to deal with licensing In Server Manager configure the licensing service. Specify the server name in the Licensing Costa Rica Email List section . In the Tools section Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Licensing Manager activate the server In the wizard select the automatic connection method In the Server Manager in the Remote Desktop Services in the licensing section enter the server name After the Server Activation Wizard launches the License Installation Wizard. Depending on the program the input windows may look different.

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They enter data about the purchase license. You may nee to specify the type per device or per user and number of licenses Once installe the licenses will appear in the Licensing Manager . On other OSes the installation process may be different. For what IT Cell Number user tasks is a terminal server suitable. If employees of a company or department work with one software stack then a terminal server is a fairly simple and convenient way to organize remote access. For example it is more convenient to set up and administer a branch of a support service or a call center with a terminal server the load from each employee is small and the set of programs is strictly limite. The solution is also suitable for large departments companies.

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