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Advertising appears at the moment when the user is. Intereste in this information and is ready to purchase the product or service. Containe in the presente information block. They set up contextual advertising in search engines for Yandex it is Yandex. Direct for Google it is Google. Adwords. Contextual advertising setup services have a lot of training information in the format of texts and videos on how to set up and launch an advertising campaign. Telephone support is also provide by consultants who will tell you how to pay help you deal with incomprehensible questions.

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Our recommendation is to turn to professionals for adjustment as there are many nuances in contextual advertising that affect the result and the safety of the budget. Both Yandex. Direct and Google. Adwords allow you to set up advertising in several modes Display ads on the issuance page in response to a users search query. Show ads on popular web resources Vanuatu Email List and services Yandex. Weather Yandex. Program Avto Avito etc. to visitors who were intereste in services or products in the search or visit relevant sites. Showing ads to site visitors who left the site without calling or completing the target action application subscription to news purchases. The user who came to your web resource and left it has the impression that your ad is everywhere and returns to the site again.

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In such cases it is advisable to place a link to the page with promotions in the ad. Displays of an advertising banner in the search to the right of the query. The service allows you to place a dynamic banner that attracts attention and increase the IT Cell Number number of clicks from the search. It is important to note that each request for this advertisement to the company will be recorde in Yandex. Metrica with the following information search phrase of the visitor advertising campaign on which the client clicke the ad that was shown the page of the site on which the conversion occurre time spent by the visitor on the site the number of pages viewe.

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