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The SaaS service did not achieve the expecte results so we decide to provide services where Selectel has an iron reputation. The Selectel cloud acte as the MVP but not as a new region in the control panel but as a separate installation that is not connecte with the rest of the regions of the cloud platform. To begin with not very large hosts were delivere to Tashkent which were quite simple and cheap to import. We also develope a separate control panel that is not relate to. There were no floating IPs a public subnet was create for each client VRRP virtual routers.

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There was also no pay as you go model familiar to Selectel customers. MVP justifie itself all resources were sold out. Selectel entere the Uzbek market under its own brand so the company had a reputation and extensive experience in providing IaaS services. We offere Uzbekistan not only many years of experience working with companies of Guatemala Email List various profiles and technical support but also the opportunity to create a full flege infrastructure in the cloud. Selectel clients in Tashkent can flexibly change the server configuration assemble a virtual server according to individual measures use them in conjunction with Manage Kubernetes PaaS services store customer data in accordance with the law says Alexander Khudyakov.

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Full flege region uz In April Selectel decide to create a new region as part of the cloud platform in Uzbekistan uz . In terms of reliability and functionality it should correspond to the cloud in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the terminology of the IT Cell Number provider a region is a group of equipment that is locate in a separate data center. Each region has a separate connection to power lines autonomous power and cooling sources as well as deicate communication channels. Thus a possible failure in one data center will not affect all regions these are the basic requirements for ensuring cloud fault tolerance.

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