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High page loading spee the slower the site loads the more users it loses at the entrance. Geodependent requests for which the search engine generates results with reference to a specific region. Geodependent highfrequency queries do not necessarily contain an indication of a specific location such as furniture in Moscow the Moscow region and the Moscow region the user just nees to enter the phrase furniture store and the search engine will pull up local sites this helps to promote small regional resources as the most targete for the local population . Commercial factors prices order buttons convenient feeback forms.

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Conclusions Promotion for highfrequency queries is a long expensive and often useless process the site receives a lot of traffic but low conversion nullifies all efforts. The most effective strategy is when lowfrequency requests are first advance and midrange Romania Email List are gradually connecte. As a bonus with hard work on optimizing the ranking factors highfrequency queries will catch up on their own as the search engine will evaluate the quality and usefulness of the site. Why you nee to optimize images Heavy images increase page loading spee. Search robots do not like this and can pessimize the page in the SERP. Due to the long loading of the page the behavioral factor worsens the user simply leaves the page without waiting for the information to appear on it.

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Accordingly the bounce rate increases which also affects the search results. Lowquality images or even their absence do not inspire confidence in the IT Cell Number site which also affects the behavioral factor. Search engine requirements for images Extensions Google indexes images with BMP GIF JPEG PNG and WebP SVG extensions. Yandex is more selective. PNG JPEG GIF and WebP are more suitable for it. In addition to choosing a format you nee to know that Yandex does not accept dynamically loade content Flash. Quality To optimize graphics for search engines you nee to adhere to the optimal ratio of weight and resolution.

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