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Internal optimization checklist Checklist for internal website optimization picture Internal SEO also involves elimination of all technical defects optimization of pages for keywords. The technical correctness of the site is neee so that search engines can easily read the structure of the sections and their content. The site is not studie by Yandex or Google employees but special programs calle search robots enter it. They load the content of the site and thanks to the semantic analysis of the text determine what is being discusse on the pages which category the site belongs to for which queries it is advisable to show it.

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Therefore it is important to eliminate elements that can mislead search algorithms or make it difficult to access content. For this the following is done deleting duplicate pages eliminating pages that give a response setting CNC links URL adding sitemap and robots txt. Also when technical optimization it is important to consider caching is a useful feature Maldives Email List for significantly increasing the spee of a resource adding breadcrumbs this is how experts call the navigation bar which reads the address of the current document and the path to it from the main page favicon selection is a small picture visible to the user in the search results next to the link to your site. When optimizing code keywords the following points are important collecting a semantic core that is compiling a list of keywords for which you plan to promote.

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Top creating a relevance map base on popular queries a content plan is compile under the selecte words copywriters will write unique texts that fall under the requirements of the target audience adding optimize images that visually reflect the content IT Cell Number of the text. External optimization what is important to consider People learn about websites from different sources someone comes from search engines there are those who come from forums social networks blogs. Therefore the success of SEO activities will depend on the wellthoughtout external optimization of the resource by e. External optimization is the selection of links from other sites that will lead users from them.

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