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To do this provide them with additional information. What data to provide for audit It is much easier to understand the result of the analysis if you get an analysis not of the current situation but of the picture as a whole. For the completeness of the audit please provide a link to the web resource and the following information Guest access to Yandex. Metrica or Google. Analytics Guest access to Yandex. Webmaster Information about the type of promotion by traffic by position etc. Report on positions for the last months.

A Platform To Which You Need

Develope semantic core Work plan Progress reports for the last months Screenshots of the site if any at the time of the request Comment on what exactly you dont like about the current contractor no result they answer once a week etc. If you cannot do Dominica Email List it yourself ask the performers for information. It will take twenty minutes to prepare and submit this kind of information. Yandex Metrica ​​or Google Analytics Yandex. Metrica screenshot Access to Internet services for collecting statistics will allow you to determine the dynamics of attendance during the analysis Increase or decrease in the number of visitors Through what channels Traffic quality indicators Visitor behavior.

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Guest access only allows you to view information so the contractor will not affect the statistics in any way. Grant access for the duration of the audit and disable it after receiving the report. Ya Webmaster and Google Search Console Ya. Webmaster IT Cell Number screenshot Through these services search engines evaluate the web resource what errors are found on them whether sanctions have been impose information about site indexing external links to a web resource. Website promotion by traffic If the site is moving in terms of traffic then provide information in which areas the visitors are targete.

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