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Landing page development options Independent creation on constructors like Tilda or LP Platform. Development on a paid or free CMS platform. WordPress MODx or Joomla etc. In this case you will nee the services of a programmer. Cms MODx administrative part for working with the site Note. A onepage site is create to promote one service the construction of garden. Houses using frame technology the installation of stretch ceilings etc. If the list of works of a construction company is. Wide it is better to order the development of a fullflege multipage resource.

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About ways to promote landing Creating a web page in itself does not provide an influx of customers to the landing page. After its development the owner naturally has a question how and where how to find orders for a construction company using a landing page One of the most effective ways to attract visitors to the landing page is contextual advertising. We are Singapore Email List talking about advertisements that are shown depending on the context topic content of the web page. In this case the sphere of interests of the construction company and the Internet user coincides as much as possible which increases the chance of getting a response to the contractors proposal. Benefits of contextual advertising Show messages to your audience. The ability to set up payment for the result visiting the site and not for publishing or displaying ads.

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Campaign flexibility. You can always change promotion tactics text cost of services list of keywords etc Retargeting. Redisplay messages to Internet users who have already visite the site but did not contact the firm. Where to order such advertising The IT Cell Number most popular providers of contextual messages are Google and Yandex. To set up a campaign they offer advertisers the following services Yandex. Direct is a system for publishing messages in the search results of the Yandex browser and on the companys partner sites. Google Adwords is a platform for broadcasting ads in the Google search engine. After registering on the resources and setting up the campaign the contractors commercial messages will appear on any devices of Google and Yandex users.

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