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Deep analysis of the market and target audience. Market and target audience analysis photo Before crawling into a highfrequency query. You nee to conduct a full analysis of your niche. There is a high probability to drain the budget spend time and effort but not get a result. The objective picture consists of a number of positions market volume. Competition structures pricing rules market entry conditions portrait of the target audience. Analyzing the market you can think in advance. What promotion in highfrequency keys will give and how much it will cost.

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Studying competitors from the TOP Search for site competitors photo. The top ten leaders for highfrequency requests are constantly changing it is very difficult to stay on Olympus. To break into the leaders you nee to do better and for this you nee Qatar Email List to thoroughly study all the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy structure how many pages what sections of the site are about their age page content style design functionality calculators slides content type text video graphics photos Base on the TOP sites a semantic core is assemble specialize words on the topic that are mentione on the pages.

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Website ranking factors After a structural analysis of the market and sites from the TOP of the issue a multifacete work begins on improving the ranking factors. The age of the site the older the resource the higher the confidence of the search engine IT Cell Number in it. Unique content readable useful texts videos polls calculators constructors that involve the user in active actions on the site. Relevance the page under the request fully reveals the topic. Navigation a clear menu links in the text leading to pages with clarifying or additional information on the topic of the request. Adaptation for mobile devices a decent site can no longer do without this.

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