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The working fraction of time inside it is determine by the passe value of the cpu limit argument. Within one time slice CPUTool sends SIGSTOP and SIGCONT signals to the process. The first stops the process and the second resumes. pros A simple and understandable tool. Can limit the consumption of CPU time. Able to take into account the system load and stop the process if the load in the system is greater than the specifie value. Minuses Each process also has a controlling cputool process adde to it. The cputool process itself may crash and no restrictions will remain.

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Constantly sends SIGCONT and SIGSTOP signals. Processing a large number of signals can put a heavy load on the system. SIGCONT can be handle by the application so this utility may not be suitable for every application. Usually it is not known in advance whether the application intercepts any signals and how they process them. When using CPUTool you Benin Email List will have to remember this feature. Conclusion The CPUTool utility is great when you nee to run a couple of applications that should not interfere with each other. It is possible to control virtual machines with such a tool but what the effect will be is unclear. We discarde this option due to the disadvantages with a large number of signals and the nee to start the cputool process and monitor it. cgroups The second discovery was the control group mechanism in the Linux kernel.

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Principle of operation The cgroups mechanism provides the ability to combine processes into groups. Groups can be manage and resources consume can be monitore. The cgroup interface is a cgroupfs pseudo file system. That is the work setting IT Cell Number can be carrie out by writing values ​​to special files. Process grouping is implemente in the kernel code and consumption tracking and resource limiting are provide by a set of subsystems memory CPU and others. You can read more about cgroups in the official documentation . In general the capabilities of cgroups are much wider than just managing CPU consumption but we will concentrate on solving our problem.

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