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In the right column Yandex suggests what other queries visitors are asking and similar phrases. You can get statistics by words by region by devices from which the user worke desktops mobiles tablets. The Query History tab reflects the dynamics of the display of words over the past two years The history of impressions by the phrase in Wordstat screenshot The information is useful for analyzing peaks and troughs in demand throughout the year and preparing a marketing strategy. An example of compiling a semantic core using Yandex Wordstat.

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Google Keyword Planner Search engine for Google Adwords ads. To use register a work account. Go to the Adwords section first click on the key then select Scheuler Keyword Planner in Google Keyword Planner screenshot Select the Find new keywords box Collecting keywords in Google Keyword Planner screenshot Here we add markers Adding markers Kazakhstan Email List in Google Keyword Planner screenshot Click the SHOW RESULTS button Impression statistics in Google Keyword Planner screenshot The service shows a selection of variants of phrases where the frequency is indicate rounde to and there is also a link to download words in Excel spreadsheet format. Google Trends Free Google service where you can additionally select keywords see the dynamics of popularity query impressions by region similar themes.

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We go to the service trends google rutrends Google Trends service screenshot We write a word or phrase in the query string and get information Requests in Google Trends screenshot search engine query statistics also collects user requests which are IT Cell Number reflecte in the statistics service webmaster querystat Keyword search in service screenshot Enter a word or phrase and get information Derive queries General and unique impressions Age and gender groups of users. Key phrases in the service screenshot Current site analytics system If a web statistics collection service is installe on a working site then queries can be selecte in the Search queries section.

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