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Especially if there are outdate PCs that can replace thin clients. But if the company employs specialists of various profiles for example programmers designers and testers then the terminal server is more likely not suitable. They have a different set of programs as well as power requirements. However there is an exception if a large number of employees constantly work in one program. In this case you can configure the terminal server only for this program. For example they do this with C sometimes C users do not even realize that their program is not running on a working PC but on a separate server.

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We tell you what methods of organizing a multi cloud infrastructure exist and how Selectel helps organize the deployment process. Multiclouds are most often neee by businesses to achieve a high level of sustainability if the project is so large that it does not fit in the capacity of one provider. Another use case is to build a super resilient system. The problem China Email List is that in different clouds of different providers the mechanics of work can be seriously different. Watch the Multicloud for Business Resilience webinar where we will demo and demonstrate the networking models of components. What is multicloud The American National Institute of Standards and Technology defines a hybrid cloud as a solution that can be use to run services across multiple clouds at once.

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The type of clouds is not important. We can say that multicloud is another name for hybrid clouds. Next we will consider what types of multicloud solutions can be distinguishe and how Selectel helps organize the infrastructure with this approach. Three IT Cell Number types of multicloud products Separation of products or projects that run in different clouds. Products as a rule are not integrate into each other and do not require connectivity between them. Active Passive deployment of your solution to several clouds at once. It is assume that at the right time you manually switch traffic from one cloud to another.

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