The Traditional Client Server Model

In Selectel this is implemente for cloud platform clients . In the control panel section Platform consumption tab Current cost you will see a table with all the resources for which money is debite. They are divide by projects zones and regions. Make sure you dont have rudimentary infrastructure items like a disk image or a floating IP that are charge for. Prices are current as of April . If a server has complete its tasks and is no longer neee remove it along with the IP address and disks.

Architecture Evolve Towards Distribution

To do this select the objects that you want to delete along with the server in the dialog box. Disclaimer the data in the table is update every . hours. Immeiately after deleting an object you can still see it in the table although money will no longer be debite for it. Consumption is best checke after a few hours. Check the slowest and most frequent database queries Dubai Email List Using the selecte monitoring tool display the top slow requests or the so calle slowlog. If you have SQL queries that take longer than a second take the time to fix them. It is also worth reviewing the most frequent requests. You will gain performance even if you optimize them by milliseconds. Having performe such a cleaning one can already ask the question is the server really not pulling and you nee to take care of renting a more productive machine.

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Systems Distribute Systems Differ

Choose a floating IP instead of a public subnet If you nee one or more virtual machines with Internet access to solve the problem select a floating IP address. This term OpenStack on the basis of which the Selectel cloud platform is base often confuses IT Cell Number customers. Floating does not mean dynamic. A floating IP is a publicly routable IP address that you purchase from an ISP. That is it is a regular static IP that works base on nat technology. If you nee IPs feel free to take floating IP addresses instead of a public subnet of or more addresses. This way you will not overpay for empty addresses saving an average of of the cost of a public network. More about floating addresses → Migrate light weight servers to fractional core instances If some of your services do not nee a full flege virtual machine resource turn to servers with flexible performance.

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