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Encryption is use to protect data and regular backup of systems in the Selectel storage is use for backup. Task Prior to the transition to Selectel the infrastructure of Gardium was distribute between three sites part was locate in house the other two from different providers. To optimize costs and further growth the project team wante to collect all the infrastructure in one place. In addition for the operational processing of the companys data array it was important to maintain and gradually increase the spee of the service. Also to be able to quickly scale capacity if necessary.

Threat Model Must Be Develope For Each

To calculate risks and violations it is critical for us to quickly recalculate a large amount of information. This is an intersection by many criteria about million objects. And taking into account the search by their similarity these are tasks that are close in nature to AI solutions comments the director of the Gardium service and portal solutions department. ‎ Selectel solution and products To move and assemble the entire infrastructure from one provider Gardium Burkina Faso Email List chose Selectel. According to Ilya Kononenko Director of the Department of Service and Portal Solutions the decision was made base on the ratio of price quality criteria in the market as well as due to the ability to flexibly manage resources in the face of uncertainty. The company rente deicate and virtual servers as well as cloud file storage.

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System Despite The Fact That

The practice of combining physical and virtual machines was new for us. We came to it when none of the cloud server rental sites could achieve the require disk access spee says Ilya Kononenko. → To ensure maximum spee Gardium use deicate servers with NVMe and SSD solid state drives. The databases and the data warehouse were place here. → The IT Cell Number company move systems into the cloud infrastructure that do not require high data processing spee. For example a test environment was set up on virtual machines. In the same place the client place servers with the applications Gardium Pro and Gardium Online ‎ which do not require a large amount of data to work. For microservices and rapid deployment of servers we use cloud infrastructure. Where the spee of data transfer and work with databases is important it is the physical infrastructure notes Ilya Kononenko.

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