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In quick links add transitions to pages with additional information delivery areas promotions and discounts bestsellers. In the clarifications add information about the service for example delivery time that the dish will remain hot what the customer will receive with the order free sauce fruit drink or soda a set of sticks a bottle opener payment methods card cash points. For the hottest phrases that is those that provide for the visitors intention to buy immeiately make or ads. For each develop headlines with original advertising terms. That will allow you to select an ad with a large number of transitions and accordingly orders. In the description of the ad add again the request for which it is shown.

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The phrase will be highlighte in bold which attracts attention in the search. Add opening hours and contact information. This will make it possible to make ads the largest in terms of area at the first position in premium placement which also affects clickthrough rate. Add a favicon to your site. The advertising service will load the icon next to Saudi Arabia Email List the ad. If the icon is made bright it will also allow you to stand out from the competition and get more clicks. Targete visitors will come to the site from the moment advertising is launche in the context. At this stage pay attention to the feeback from them as there may be errors in the operation of the site shortcomings in maintenance etc. Messages from users will allow you to adjust the work and further build up the sales mechanism.

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Maps in Yandex and Google Register your company in search engine navigation services. In Yandex this can be done through the Directory and in Google My business. Add information about the menu and delivery service menu photo contact information IT Cell Number opening hours promotions. Fill in the fields in detail. This affects the impressions of the company when inquiring on maps. This gives additional impressions of the company on the search Yandex Map impressions on search And also information about the company will be visible on the maps Displaying organizations on Yandex Maps If delivery is carrie out in a small city order Priority Placement.

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